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AUNE M1S Audiophile Digital Audio Player DSD Balanced 32bit/384kHz ES9018K2M

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AUNE M1S Audiophile Digital Audio Player DSD Balanced 32bit/384kHz ES9018K2M

The Aune M1S is the second generation of DAP AUNE replacing the popular M1. It now adopts a powerful ARM Cortex M7 processor supporting a large number of audio formats including DSD in Hardware mode.

The Aune M1S is a High End Digital Audio Player with balanced headphone outputs. It is designed for the demanding amateur, the nomadic audiophile wishing to have High fidelity sound while traveling.


A 32bit 384KHZ DAC compatible DSD 128 with "PURE HARDWARE:

The Aune M1S has the DAC ES9018K2M whose firmware is modified by AUNE. This DAC section is supported by two very precise clocks at 45.1584MHz and 49.1520MHz respectively.

These clocks are supported by a set of DSP CPLD (buffer FIFO) and ARM Cortex. Thus when processed with a jitter at the limit of the measurable, the digital signal is sent in I2S format to the DAC ESS ES9018K2M.

PURE HARDWARE technology allows the transmission of this digital audio signal without modification of ASRC type, Upsampling detrimental to the audio signal. Thus the Aune M1S approaches nearest to the original audio format of the recording studio.


A headphone amplifier section at the height:

The headphone amplifier part benefits from 4 stages using 7 dual operational amplifiers in true symmetrical mode. This high fidelity output stage is inspired by the famous Aune B1 nomad amp.

Thus the Aune M1S allows a wide choice of headphones intra-auricular or classical. Each voltage, each analog stage, each digital stage has its own low noise regulation allowing this DAP a very high resolution microphone information


A hull 100% aluminum:

This device designed with a 100% aluminum 6-layer CNC shell has an anodized laser surface treatment for a brushing metal result. This treatment allows a high degree of durability over time.


Main Features :
• Symmetrical headphone output
• Dual clock 45.1584MHz and 49.1520MHz.
• IPS 2.4 inches display
• Case 100% aluminum CNC finish brushing metal
• Three digital filtering: Fast balance, SLOW Soft, MP Analog

Supported formats:
• WAV: 16bit / 24bit / 32bit - 44.1k / 48k / 88.2k / 96k / 176.4k / 192k / 352.8k / 384k
• FLAC: 16bit / 24bit / 32bit- 44.1k / 48k / 88.2k / 96k / 176.4k / 192k
• DSD: DSF / DFF / ISO / DSD128
• APE: 16bit / 44.1k normal
• MP3 / ALAC / AAC

Inputs and outputs:
• A balanced 2.5mm headphone output
• One 3.5mm headphone jack output (possibility of line output)
• A micro USB charging port and transferring digital files.
• One Micro SD card reader (up to 128G FAT32 format)

Technical specifications :
• Output power on 3.5 jack: 110mw @ 32ohms
• Output power on jack 2.5: 180mw @ 32ohms
• Autonomy: 9 hours (manufacturer data)
• Noise level: 2.52uVrms
• Output level max: 1.92Vrms
• Dimensions: 126x55x14.8mm
• Weight: 150g

Supplied accessories:
• 1 USB cable
• 1 user manual in English

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AUNE M1S Audiophile Digital Audio Player DSD Balanced 32bit/384kHz ES9018K2M

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