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Aune X7s Class A headphone amplifier Black

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Normale Prijs: € 249,00

Special Price € 229,00

Beschikbaarheid: 1-2 weken


The pure A-Class A Aune X7S headphone amplifier with balanced output is the culmination of a long search after the Aune B1 helmet amplifier and Aune Panda. It is the natural companion of the DAC Aune X1S 32bit 384Khz DSD SABER ES9018K2M.

This amp amp fully in class A is the synthesis of all the know-how of Aune Audio. It is specially designed for high-impedance audiophile headphones such as:
Sennheiser HD650, IE800, HD800, Beyerdynamic (Tesla) T1, DT880, AKG K701, K240.

Its gain stage, which can be adjusted by "switch", ensures perfect impedance matching for low and high impedance headphones.
Its structure is made up of 8 transistors polarized in class A divided into 4 groups designed with a true symmetrical stage for crosstalk and background noise retreat, inaudible.

The European sound of the Aune X7S developed by a team of English origin has body, a deep sound image with an enhanced natural musical tracking, true sound signature of headphone amplifiers in class A.

The separate 15V low noise regulated power supply ensures the stability required for A-Class X7S class A performance.
By its identical design the Aune X7S will be an ideal companion for the dematerialized digital player Aune X5.

Technical characteristics:
Frequency response: 20hz ~ 200khz to -0.3dB.
Noise level: 3μV.
Total harmonic distortion: 0.00013%.
Inter-modulation distortion (CCIF protocol): (RCA 0.000036%, XLR 0.00057%)
Output power on RCA max: 250 mW at 300 Ohm.
Output power on XLR max: 1000 mW at 300 Ohm.
Output power on RCA max: 1000 mW at 32 Ohm.
Output power on XLR max: 1700 mW at 32 Ohm.
Noise ratio on 6.35 mm jack: 117 dB.
Signal ratio on XLR: 125 dB.
Inputs and outputs:
2 gold plated RCA inputs.
A headphone output Jack 6.35mm.
A 4-pole XLR balanced headphone output.
Dimensions and weight:
Dimensions: 145 x 171 x 45mm.
Weight: 2kg.

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Aune X7s Class A headphone amplifier Black

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