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May 2019


AUNE X1S PRO DAC ES9038Q2M Headphone Amplifier 32bit 768kHz DSD512 Black

February 2019

Now available the AUNE X8 MAGICAL DAC 32 / 768K DSD512

with order at amps !! 8 pieces for your own sound tuning!

preamp possibility, with volume control on the pre-out!
fixed output also possible as stand alone dac.

7 filter modes adjustable, for your own sound.

September 2018

New Aune S5 available for order...

November 2017

Aune X1s 10th Annniversary edtion now available for order.....

May 2017

The Aune S16 is sold out and discontinued and will be followed up with a new model later this year.

January 2017

The new Aune S6 and S7 are available for order at our store

Aune S6 32Bit /384K DSD 128 Balanced output DAC/Headphone amp

Aune S7 Headphone Amplifier HIFI Audio Earphone AMP Balanced Output RCA XLR



Aune X1 pro, DAC - Pre - Headphone Amp

On this page you can find all the newest news items around products from Aune AUdio. If you have any questions, please make use of the contact button at the backend of the website.

New product Aune M2 32 Bit DSD Portable Music Player  - May 2015

M2 is the 2th general portable music player of aune “ stay tuned for more information soon...

Aune M2

Music Highend show, Aune present  - May 2015

Aune will be exhibitiing on the Munich Highend show...

New website for Aune in Europe - May. 2014

In line of the Aune products, we have released a new website for European customers. All products sold on this website have European plugs and is 220-230v.

To all of you, thank you for visiting our website!