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AUNE B1 HIFI portable Earphone Amplifier - Black / Black

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Normale Prijs: € 199,00

Special Price € 169,00

Beschikbaarheid: 3-5 werkdagen



AUNE B1 HIFI portable Earphone Amplifier

The 1st individual component-made class A HIFI portable headphone amplifier with adjustable current in the world

Main amplifying circuit of B1 being consisted of individual triode components

  • Individual component: top-grade amplifiers are almost designed by individual components, individual component-made amplifier has a large switching rate and transient state, individual component-made amplifier has characteristics of quite wide frequency representing excellent extension of high frequency, powerful low frequency as well as gradation –distinct middle frequency very well.

B1 adopting bias design of pure class A output

  • Output stage of B1 adopts bias design of class A amplifier and provides 40MW power of class A for 32ohm headphone , characteristics of class A could not only enable amplifying circuit of B1 to gain a perfect extension of high frequency, powerful low frequency and clear middle frequency , but also give a warm ,sweet and intimate feeling to its listener .

two shifts of gain controls and current outputs for option of earbud and headphone , which adapt to them very well , user could choose two output currents to get two states of class A for joy . 

  • A super good power supply is the gurantee of perfomance of amplifier,especially positive and negative symmetrical power supply is the most difficult thing to solve on portable amplifier ,B1 employs a design of positive and negative power supply with special and low ripple and large current,which give a super powerful engine for B1 and provide continuous power for the whole amplifier.
  • central chip AR8501 to realzide state and protection control , as well as battery control and monitoring , which detect state of the whole unit and respond to various situations promptly, B1 is a portable amplifier with centralized control and has protection circuit of electric relay for headphone amplifying.
  • Main PCB of B1 adopts 4 layers of excusive PCB for high frequecncy and is designed by porfessional engineer with ten year’s work experiences,headphone amplifying part uses stream-typed circuit design and main amplifying circuit miirrior image to ensure left and right sound channel are entirely same , B1 is a high standard hifi design.
  • high quality HIFI components that are only for top-grade hifi amplifier,such as American conductive plastic potertiomnter ,VISHAY SMT metal film resistor,COG capacitor,tantalum electrolytic capacitor with super-low inner resistance and hifi audio output tube,all these make B1 a tops –grade hifi components-made portable earphone amplifier.   

 a high battery capacity and long battery running time

  • 1 pc OF 4000MA lithium battery with super-low inner resistence ,it could continuously work for 10 hours at shifting position of 32ohm class A 20mw and for 5 hours at shifting position of 32ohm class A 40mw ,B1 could work for a long time .       

Chassis of 100% aluminum

  • 100% aluminum to cout out its chassis,6 sides of which are finished by CNC , slot with 45 angle on side face is the most difficult part to handle,surface of it is finished by anodic oxidation and brushing treatment and characters on surface are done by laser ,B1 is a portable amplifier with high quality chassis


  • Impedance:16-300ohm
  • Frequency response:20Hz-20KHZ+-0.15db
  • Typ THD+N < 0.0008% @ 1KHZ 600RZ/-0dB
  • SNR>124dBZ @ 600RZ
  • Flatness +/- 0.15dB @10hz-20khz
  • Crosstalk<110dB @1khz 600RZ
  • CLASSA:25MW/16R 50MW/32R 100MW/300R
  • Size:65*110*28(MM)
  • Weight:230g


  • AUNE B1 headphone amp
  • 3.5-3.5mm audio cable
  • USB cable

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AUNE B1 HIFI portable Earphone Amplifier - Black / Black

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