Frequently Asked Questions

No you don't. Since the products are already in the EU, you don't need to pay any taxes for import or duties, because we already paid them for you ;-)
Shipping is from The Netherlands, so no duties to pay for you when you are in Europe!
Products are shipped mostly all free, besides the lower priced products and accessories where there is for sure a shipipingrate!! When bundled products are bought than you offcourse only once shippingcost. Shippingcost are calculated automatically in checkout...
We always try to answer within 24 hours, but if you dont hear anything in 2-3 workingdays, than send an email again. But please be patient, dont send an second email before this time has expired. Its very busy sometimes and we do our best to reply asap.
If wear or damage has occurred to the product or its packaging and therefore declined in value, then we are entitled to offset the damage with the refunded amount. This damage must have arisen because the consumer has done more for the product than is needed to assess whether he wants to keep it and to check the main features. Unnecessary rupture or packaging is missing in the return.
You must always ask first approval from us to send an product back. In this case we know what to expect and can track it also, so an package is not lost. Also in some cases you are not allowed to send it back without to be sure there are cost that you have to pay and for which we want to be sure you agree. After approval you will receive the adress to send your package to and also an Return authorisation form, which you should enclose in the package. After we receive the package we will contact you within 2-3 workingdays in case there is something wrong. In case you are returned your money back (14 day policy) than we will send it back to your bankaccount within 2 weeks period. Please take in mind, you need first an confirmation before you send your product back and an return form. If a package is lost and not delivered at our adress (PO box and website adress is not the return adress), the customer is fully responsible. 
You buy your product at Sonority and warranty is therefore settled in accordance with Dutch consumer law. Your benefit, not weeks lost and high costs to send and return from China if a defect might occur to your product. Also no extra possible duties to pay at customs... Sonority will handle your warranty issues.
We deliver EU Euro plugs 220-230V for Europe, so no USA or other plugs. For products where there is an adapter, you will receive offcourse an Euro adapter, so all products are ready and go for Europe network.